AGEDEVE was created in September, 2011. It’s a swiss non for profit organisation based in Geneva.

Vision & Mission 

  • to promote  circular economy, eco-innovation and  sustainable development mainly in developing and emerging countries, but also in a general way,
  • to support development projects by transferring knowledge and technologies,
  • to develop capacities and training within the framework of these projects


AGEDEVE benefits from highly competent members or employees with a very strong experience in sustainability, development and eco-innovation challenges in various countries.

Moreover, the founders of AGEDEVE are also the founders of Sofies SA in Geneva, Switzerland, a leading environmental consultancy company based on the concept of Industrial Ecology – http://www.sofiesonline.com. Their cumulated broad experience brings added value to AGEDEVE.

Members of the board

Current consultants in the frame of a project for eco-innovation in Romania

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